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When trying new things, its best to test on a small section of your skin because you don't want what happened to me to happen to you. Some people have used Lime or Lemon juice by itself, but my 16 yr old daughter and myself would not recommend that, because it may bleach out your skin tone but not the dark spots and may burn your skin in the sun making dark spots darker. A small quantity of lemon juice mixed with the potato is better!

You should be careful when using live food on the body, if you"re not use to it, it could cause a reaction first time. If you have flawless skin I see no need to disrupt the balance except to feed your face natural nutrients. In that case i would recogmend you take a more natural appoach Like Potato and Lime Cubes which will be more bennefical in the long run. DIY if you have sensitive skin and wanna avoid conventional products.

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