Welcome to Numi Noir (jewelry accessories essentials)®  

The inspiration behind our shop is to provide a simple organic lifestyle that you can be proud of on the inside and look beautiful on the outside. We do this by offering quality hand-crafted and organic products at affordable prices and by partnering with ethical companies. We do our best to ensure good business practices, and happy customers. 

We are a new and growing business, in retail since 2008! Some of our affiliates for way longer. We have the best team of unique designers, crafts men and women and members in Fairtrade.



If you have any concerns regarding products or any matter concerning Numi Noir and/or affiliates, please be so kind as to let us know. That way we can become even better customer service. Feel free to also let us know what your favorite items and collections are, and what we can do to be of best service.




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